Investors Need to STOP Ignoring Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies! – Adam Meister Interview | Buy Bitcoin

This Resource Setup for probable once in a Decade 10 Bagger:

Continuing on the bitcoin trend we have an excellent discussion today bringing a fresh perspective on bitcoin for investors in our first interview with Adam Meister. He’s constantly pouring out information on the cryptocurrency space through his youtube channel and we’re picking his brain on what makes bitcoin so special: Unhackable, Smart Contracts, Worldwide penetration, freedom, privacy and security. Adam is extremely bullish, as are we, for bitcoin price in 2017 through 2020 for sure.

01:40 Why Adam Says Buy & Hold; Don’t Sell Till 2020
04:40 Is Bitcoin Fiat Money? Entirely New Paradigm
06:15 How are bitcoins created or mined?
08:25 Can bitcoin be hacked? 8 Years Hack Free
10:20 Setup Hardware wallet; Private Keys vs Public address
12:45 Will Government issue it’s own digital currency?
15:10 When Governments start to purchase BTC, price skyrockets


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